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NNF Calls On The Government To Come To Their Aid At To Put Measures To Fight Against Rampant Waste Disposal

Yes this is Nurture Nature Foundation, we are embarking on something that has never happened before.
This site used to be a heap full of refuse but now we’ve managed to clear most of it. The more we push back the dump the more people bringing more waste and add up to the filth.

At this moment we have about 6,000 inhabitants who bring waste to this area. Initially we thought the sea brought the bulk of it but right now we realise that these inhabitants in the town are the main contributors.

They are more in numbers and more powerful than we are so when we complain they tend to assault us. Right now we need support, when we are able to arrest two three or four offenders and take them to the police station then they will know that we are serious about this work.

As you can see, the settlement there used to be refuse dump, look at the cattle shed, the moment we cleared the place this shed was erected. There’s no control over the castle, they are left to litter around with their dungs, when they find refuse gathered they scatter them.

The baseline is we need support, we really need support, we cannot take the law into our own hands so all we can do is to plead for support, please come to the aid of nurture nature. Thank you.


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