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“At a point in my life, I had to sleep with men for favors, travel to turkey for body enhancement”, Kisa Gbekle tells

Delay hosted award winning actress, Producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur Kisa Gbekle on her “Delay Show” where the actress made revelations about her life and career as a whole.

According to Kisa, her dad and mum separated when she was 9 months old, which led her into hardship as she was growing up.

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“We were poor to the extent that we had to walk miles to my mum’s sister for corn flour, we had to walk to the shores for fish and roam to find pepper and tomato at the “borla”, Kisa Gbekle stated.

According to Gbekle, she broke her virginity at age 15, when an 18-19 year old guy r@ped her.

“Due to the nature of the hardship I dropped out of school several times and began sleeping with other men for favors”.

Kisa debunk the rumor about her having a baby with musician Nautica.

Again, She revealed that she went for tummy tack and “bettors” enlargement in Turkey and how she recovered within a short period of time.

Watch the full video below.

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