“ Who Needs To Fix The Country? ”

Ghana has been dealing with bad governance since Ghana introduced democracy. All of them government promise the better and make it worst for the to country for their own personal gains.

This is a demon Ghanaians need to face after every election in Ghana. And the youth of Ghana do not see this to be appropriate. So a concerned group of youths came up with a hashtag #FIXTHECOUNTRY. This took waves on the African continent . A lot of media platforms displayed #FIXTHECOUNTRY in their posts and this bought a pressure on the Government.

The government on the other hand blame the citizen on their attitude to the country. So it was a blaming atmosphere in Ghana.

Some Netizens think The people of Ghana should hold Ghana with esteem, to be able to help the government fix the country. We should correct ourselves of some little bad habits. Let us care for the country and stop destroying state items.

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Well, these are all opinions, and as citizens our opinions are our right. But we can just be keeping our surroundings tidy. Very neat and free.

Enough of the excuses, let us all make it an agenda to make this country change for the better this times.

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