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(VIDEO)Black Sherif Mentions Who Introduced Him To Burna Boy First!

Black sherif real name Mohammed Ismail Sherif has taken over the internet after his release of his new song Kweku The Traveller. Another interview of Black sherif by Bella Mundi, A renowned presenter in Ghana, Blacko was asked how he met Burna Boy the first time.

Black Sherif stated in the video that , a friend of his who happens to be a friend of Burna Boy called Poco Lee. Poco Lee is a Nigerian dancer and influencer who has large followers world wide. He is mostly around the big Nigerian musicians. Black Sherif stated Poco Lee introduced his song to Burna. Since then, Burna boy play black Sherif songs and he loves them.

Black Sherif met Burna first through Video call from somebody from Burna boy’s camp. And asked for a remix and feature. They later proceeded and finally Black Sherif met Burna Boy.



WATCH HERE: https://twitter.com/onejoblessboy/status/1512096528571289611?s=21&t=qoUEPjXgqI63NYU3Zy1PlQ


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