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Jada Smith Says “I Never Wanted To Marry Will Smith“

Will Smith and Jada Smith have been in the news after the just ended Oscars. Alot has evolved  and today something new came up.

Jada Smith never wanted to marry Will Smith, she said.


Will Smith and Jada Smith have been old couple we know for a longtime and all seemed well between them.After the just ended OSCAR awards, there were too many brouhaha that went negative for Will Smith. And we by chose sae a video of will slapping slapping a colleague who was making jokes with his wife Jada Smith.

But Jada Smith seems disappointed by his actions and he said this ‘never’ wanted to marry Will, cried at ‘horrible’ wedding. According to New York Post, Jada Pinkett Smith confessed that she “really didn’t want to get married” to Will Smith.

In fact, the “Matrix” actress — now on the roasting spit of Smith’s infamous Oscars smack-down of Chris Rock and the Academy’s decision Friday to ban him from the ceremony for 10 years — admitted to “crying down the freaking aisle” before tying the knot with the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star on New Year’s Eve in 1997.

“I was under so much pressure, you know, being a young actress, being young, and I was just, like, pregnant and I just didn’t know what to do,” declared Pinkett Smith, 50, in a freshly exhumed snippet from her “Red Table Talk” Facebook series. “I never wanted to be married.”

“We only got married because Gammy was crying,” a chuckling Smith informed Willow.

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