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(Full Interview)Sabastian Marroquin( Son Of Pablo Escobar) Comes Out To Explain His Father’s Operations Insight

Sebastian Marroquin is the Son Of Pablo Escobar.

Pablo Escobar is a name know to people as a drug trafficing name. Pablo was a wealthy man who made millions out of drug business. Pablo Escobar became the richest drug dealer of his time and was ranked highest in some USA sites for wealthy men on Earth at the age 25. He worked with his cousin called Gustavo and this two were great partners in business until they became public enermies for the bombs and alot of bad things to people. He was loved and feared all in his community. So everybody was his watch man.

Pablo Escobar’s son who was before called Juan Pablo Escobar is now called Sebastian Marroquin, and this is because of the Image the name carry in the World now. He suffered a lot denys from airlines and lots of work opportunities.

Many disliked Pablo Escobar in the world because of what the internet and America told the public.

Well, Pablo Escobar’s son has come out to make some clarifications and also explains some of the business trips he embacked with his dad. Sebastian also made some challenges he faced when he carried the name Pablo Escoba.

Listen to what he had to say

Watch Full Interview Here:

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