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Video of how a woman was eager to get ch0ppèd by a d0g for money

What would make some humans give room to slèêping with dogs?

It is pathetic seeing beautiful women giving theirselves out to be “ch0pped” by dogs in Dubai.

In a video spotted by is a beautiful hairstylist who is identified as Bridget, who agreed to sleep with a dog for one million naira.

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Even though the lady claimed that she has a boyfriend but was keen to sleep with a dog for such a whooping sum of money.

According to Bridget, she would need such money to build up a business because things are hard in the country.

Even though, it was her first time meeting the gentleman, yet she was already interested to be fvcked by a dog for one million naira.

The gentleman who approached Bridget, was only interested in knowing why some ladies involve in such a deviant act.

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It was very pathetic after finding out few reasons that had triggered most ladies into indulging in such acts. The gentleman in the prank video gave Bridget twenty thousand Naira to support her business and advised her to desist from such act.

Check out the video below and share to debunk such disgraceful act portrayed by many young ladies and men out there.

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